L-R: Louis Strachan - bass; Screaming Mad Dee - vocals; Alfred Morris III - guitar; Mot Waldmann - drums

Maryland doom legends Iron Man evolved from several different original and tribute projects in the mid-to-late 1980s. The band caught the attention of legendary German record label Hellhound, who released the first two Iron Man albums - Black Night in 1993, and The Passage in 1994. In 1999 the band released their third studio album, Generation Void through Brainticket Records.

Iron Man weathered numerous lineup changes (with guitarist Alfred Morris III being the only constant throughout the years) during the early 00's, then in 2004 Michael Lindenauer took on the role as their manager and helped Morris to revive the band. Ex-members of Maryland doom bands Wretched and Life Beyond (Louis Strachan on bass and Gus Basilika on drums) were recruited for the rhythm section, and after a long search Lindenauer secured vocalist Joe Donnelly of Sabbra Cadabra (a Black Sabbath tribute band). Basilika soon departed, to be replaced by drummer Brian "Dex" Dexter, and this lineup released the EP Submission in 2007.

In 2007, Leaf Hound Records re-released remastered copies of the first two albums, originally released on Hellhound Records. In 2008, Black Night was also released on LP. Finally, in 2009, Morris guided yet another lineup of Iron Man into the studio to record the band's fourth album, I Have Returned, released by Shadow Kingdom Records.

Late 2010 saw a new Iron Man lineup, which featured drummer Mike Rix and vocalist "Screaming Mad" Dee Calhoun (ex-After Therapy & Land Of Doom). This lineup quickly recorded and released the self-produced and critically acclaimed Dominance EP in early 2011. Rix departed the band in late 2011, to be replaced in early 2012 by Jason "Mot" Waldmann. This lineup released the att hålla dig över EP in Summer of 2012.

On July 19, 2013 Iron Man announced their fifth full-length album, South of the Earth, which was released on September 30, 2013 via Rise Above Records (Europe/UK), and on October 1, 2013 (North America) via Metal Blade Records. In 2014-2015, Iron Man played in support of South of the Earth in Europe, Canada, and across the continental United States.

Currently, in addition to continuing to support South of the Earth, Iron Man are preparing material for a future release.


BLACK NIGHT (Hellhound Records, 1993)
Alfred Morris III - guitar; Rob Levey - vocals; Larry Brown - bass; Ron Kalimon - drums

THE PASSAGE (Hellhound Records, 1994)
Alfred Morris III - guitar; Dan Michalak - vocals; Larry Brown - bass, keyboards; Gary Isom - drums

GENERATION VOID (Brainticket Records, 1999)
Alfred Morris III - guitar; Dan Michalak - vocals; Ginger - bass; Vic Tomaso - drums

SUBMISSION (self-released EP, 2007)
Alfred Morris III - guitar; Joe Donnelly - vocals; Louis Strachan - bass; Dex Dexter - drums

I HAVE RETURNED (Shadow Kingdom Records, 2009)
Alfred Morris III - guitar; Joe Donnelly - vocals; Louis Strachan - bass; Dex Dexter - drums

DOMINANCE (self-released EP, 2011)
Alfred Morris III - guitar; Screaming Mad Dee - vocals; Louis Strachan - bass; Mike Rix - drums

att hålla dig över (self-released EP, 2012)
Alfred Morris III - guitar; Screaming Mad Dee - vocals, harmonica; Louis Strachan - bass; Mot Waldmann - drums

SOUTH OF THE EARTH (Rise Above/Metal Blade Records, 2013)
Alfred Morris III - guitar, backing vocals; Screaming Mad Dee - vocals, keyboards, piano; Louis Strachan - bass, backing vocals; Mot Waldmann - drums, percussion