“It is my humble opinion that Dee Calhoun and Lou Strachan have crafted an incredible collection of alluring music here.” - Riff Relevant

Go to the Devil is just a fascinating, wholly absorbing spin.” - Doomed & Stoned

“(Dee Calhoun) might possibly have Maryland’s most powerful set of pipes.” - The Obelisk

“Dee Calhoun again proves that you don’t need fireworks, corpse paint, or tales of nether-worldly ghouls and demons to be dark, rather he narrates tales of the world as it is like a modern day troubadour.” - Ave Noctum

"When (Dee) hits the high range, it's a grand, Godlike demand." - Rock N' Roll Gypsy Publishing

"Calhoun brings mastery to this album delivered in three main things which set him apart; his vocals, his guitar playing, and his story writing ability." - Outlaw Review
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